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Version: 8.1

Introduction to Qrvey Admin Center

Qrvey Admin Center is a web-based application used by administrators to manage and monitor the Qrvey platform. It is installed with every instance of the Qrvey platform along with Qrvey Composer. For more information on its capabilities, see the following sections:

  • Accessing Qrvey Admin Center. Describes how to access the Qrvey Admin Center, including how to create Qrvey Administrator accounts.

  • Customizing Qrvey Composer. Use the Qrvey Admin Center to configure general settings of Qrvey Composer, including customizing its appearance. You can also enable and disable specific features available to users of Qrvey Composer.

  • Health Dashboard. View the status of the Elasticsearch cluster in this instance of the Qrvey platform.

  • Managing Users of Qrvey Composer. Create and manage user accounts in Qrvey Composer, assign roles and permissions, and set up authentication methods.

  • Elasticsearch Management. Describes how to monitor and manage the Elasticsearch cluster.

  • Content Deployment. Learn how to use the Content Deployment feature to copy content from one Qrvey application to another, in the same environment or to a different one.