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Version: 8.1

Create a New Report

Pixel-perfect Reports is a new feature currently in beta introduced with version 8.1 of the Qrvey platform. Your feedback and ideas are greatly appreciated, as they can help us improve this feature in future releases.

The Pixel-perfect Reports tool enables you to build customizable report templates with precise control over the positioning and style of every element on the layout, down to the individual pixel.

Before you begin

Determine which Qrvey application will provide the data in the report. All reports are linked to Qrvey applications.

To create a new report

  1. Click the Pixel-perfect Reports icon on the left-side menu to open the Pixel-perfect Reports dashboard.
  2. Click Create New Report. The Name Your Report dialog displays.
  3. On the Name Your Report dialog, enter a Name and Description in the fields provided.
  4. Click Next. The Page Setup dialog displays.
  5. On the Page Setup dialog, select the following options:
    • Paper Size
    • Units of Measure
    • Width
    • Height
    • Orientation
  6. Click Finish. The new report displays in Edit mode. You may now begin designing your report.

Note: You can resize the height of the canvas of each report area (Report Header, Page Header, Body, etc.) by dragging their horizontal dividing lines.

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