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Version: 8.2

Introduction to Qrvey Composer

Qrvey Composer is one of the major components of the Qrvey platform. It is a web-based application used by Data Analysts to create and manage datasets, visualizations, web forms, automations, and dashboards to share with external users. Qrvey Composer is used to create Qrvey applications.

For more information on its capabilities, see the following sections:

  • New to Qrvey Composer? See Introduction to the User Interface.
  • Manage Your User Profile. Information on signing up, logging in, and managing your Qrvey Composer user profile.
  • Applications. A Qrvey application is a self-contained analytics project that can be used directly, shared, distributed, or embedded into other software applications.
  • Data. Create a connection to a wide range of cloud-based and on-premise data stores, document databases, columnar databases, REST APIs, JSON and CSV data files, and more.
  • Dashboards. Create highly interactive dashboards and mashups of visualizations across multiple datasets.
    • Chart Builder. Use the powerful Chart Builder feature to create charts and metrics based on your data.
    • Filters. Focus on the portion of your data relevant to your analysis.
  • Automation. Flows can be used to automate just about anything in Qrvey Composer, adding power and flexibility to your applications.
  • Pixel-perfect Reports. Build report templates with precise control over the positioning and style of every element on the layout.
  • Settings. Configure global settings for a Qrvey application, including its name and color scheme.