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Version: 8.1

Introduction to Qrvey Composer

The section describes how to use Qrvey Composer, one of the major components of the Qrvey platform. Qrvey Composer is a web-based application that enables you to create and manage datasets, visualizations, and dashboards to share with end users. It offers a rich set of features that enable you to make the most of the Qrvey platform. For more information on its capabilities, see the following sections:

  • Basics - Read how to sign up, log into and manage your account, get introduced to the Qrvey Composer UI and familiarize yourself with the basics of the concept of a Qrvey Application.

  • Web Forms - Read more about building, customizing, publishing and embedding different types of Web Forms.

  • Data - Learn more about creating and managing Connections and Datasets in Qrvey, Data Sync, Data Joins, and how to use Transformations in the Composer.

  • Analysis Views - Follow the steps in this section to create Formulas, Buckets, Table Calculations, and export data. Read more about the features available in different chart types, and come to know the Chart Builder.

  • Building Dashboards - Learn about the various features of Qrvey Dashboards and publish those.

  • Filtering Data - Read more about adding, editing and the overall use of Filters in your Application.

  • Subscriptions - Learn how to subscribe, configure and manage subscriptions in this section.

  • Automation (Workflow) - Read more about how to create a flow by defining triggers and setting a desired end-action. This section also describes the types of tokens used in Qrvey platform.

  • Premium Features - Learn about premium features for enhanced functionality and special use cases. Currently limited to Pixel-perfect Reports, but you can expect more premium features in the future.

  • Other - Read more about sending, sharing, editing your Applications, and how to keep track of the changes in the Activity Log.