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Qrvey 8.5
Version 8.5 (LTS) of the Qrvey platform is now available to customers. This version includes several new features and performance improvements.
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End-of-life Schedule
We've added a new article that lists the features and endpoints that have been scheduled for deprecation. All features and endpoints will be supported for (1) year after the release date of the LTS version that contains the alternative.
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NodeJS Deprecation
AWS has announced that it is deprecating NodeJS 12, 14, and 16. To avoid any issues as a result of this deprecation, upgrade your instances of the Qrvey platform as described in this announcement.
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Version: 8.5

Create a Qrvey Administrator Account in AWS IAM

The initial Qrvey Administrator account was created when your instance of Qrvey platform was created. You may create additional Administrator accounts using the User Management feature in Qrvey Admin Center. You also have the option to create a Qrvey Administrator account in the AWS IAM service.

To create a new Administrator account in the AWS IAM service:

  1. Log into the AWS Console using an account that has permissions to create new IAM users.

  2. Navigate to AWS IAM service page, and then click on the Users sub-menu option in the left menu.

  3. Create a new IAM user. Enter a username and select the Programmatic Access checkbox.

  4. Assign the new user to the Qrvey Admin user group. Click the Next button to set permissions. On the permissions tab, select the group called qrvey-admin-dev.

  5. Download the AccessKeys. Make a note of username and Access Key ID for this user. Use these values to log into the Admin Center.