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Version: 8.2

Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings tab provides advanced configuration options for your dataset.

To open the Advanced Settings tab, click Data in the left menu, open your dataset, click the Design tab, and then click Advanced Settings.

Advanced Settings provides the following options:

  • Share Data
  • Label Internationalization
  • Discovered Columns
  • Estimated Dataset Size

Share Data

Specifies whether to make the dataset available to the rest of the organization. If enabled, users can create new datasets from this dataset.

Label Internationalization

Specifies whether to enable internationalization in the dataset. If enabled, the dataset name and column names can be translated to multiple languages. For more information, see Configuring Dynamic Labels for Datasets.

Discovered Columns

When a new column is discovered during a Data Source query, specifies whether to automatically add it to the dataset.

Estimated Dataset Size

Specifies the estimated size of the dataset based on its number of records. This option determines the number of shards allocated to the dataset’s ES index, which helps the system optimize the performance of loading and displaying data. The default setting is Small.

Dataset SizeNumber of RecordsNumber of Shards
SmallUp to 10M records1 shard
MediumBetween 10M and 250M records3 shards
LargeOver 250M records5 or more shards. If the node count is higher than 5, the number of shards equals the number of nodes.