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What’s New

Qrvey 8.5
Version 8.5 (LTS) of the Qrvey platform is now available to customers. This version includes several new features and performance improvements.
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End-of-life Schedule
We've added a new article that lists the features and endpoints that have been scheduled for deprecation. All features and endpoints will be supported for (1) year after the release date of the LTS version that contains the alternative.
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NodeJS Deprecation
AWS has announced that it is deprecating NodeJS 12, 14, and 16. To avoid any issues as a result of this deprecation, upgrade your instances of the Qrvey platform as described in this announcement.
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Version: 8.5

Overview of the Design Page

The Design tab of the Data feature enables you to design your dataset. The following diagram provides an overview of its features.


  1. Name and dataset status. Displays the dataset name, status, last load time, number of columns, and number of records. To change the name of the dataset, click its name and type a new one. To mark a dataset as a favorite, click on the star icon next to its name. Favorite datasets appear on top of the dataset list screen.

  2. Discard Changes and Apply Changes. Changes made on this page are not saved until they are applied.

  3. Load/Reload Dataset - Click Load Dataset to begin using a new dataset. Click Reload Dataset after making changes and applying changes to an existing dataset.

  4. Data source column pill - Click the three-dot menu to display the following options for working with the column:

    • Edit Connection Settings
    • Edit Query
    • Join to Another Data Source
    • Union with Another Data Source
    • Switch to Another Data Source
    • Rename

    Hover the mouse pointer over the pill to display a tooltip with the Source Name, Connection Name, and Connection Type. design-page-pill-tooltip-83

Columns tab and Column IDs

The Columns tab enables you to view each column in the dataset and modify its settings as needed. For information on the available options, see Datasets - Managed.

See also: For more information on the features available in the Design page, see: